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Inforithm-Maze Ltd. is a full service provider of comprehensive, integrated information technology services and business solutions designed to fulfill the needs of local, regional and global companies.



The Company is focused on two core areas:
Multimedia Software Products for distribution on cd-roms, helping companies, organizations and educational institutions take full advantage of multimedia for their marketing, communications and training needs. Our development experience covers several topics and subjects, such as, production of interactive training software, encyclopedias, reference software, and trade directories.


Internet Solutions, providing businesses with a comprehensive array of Internet-based services and solutions, including the design, development, and hosting of web sites, e-commerce strategies, and related consulting services.


Inforithm-Maze Ltd. , is a high technology company based in Yangon, Myanmar. The Company was created by the merger of Myanmar Inforithm Ltd. and Maze Media Co., Ltd. This strategic alliance combined Inforithm's expertise in interactive software and web development with Maze Media's specialization in e-Commerce technology.


Inforithm-Maze, a full service multimedia production firm, develops and markets interactive training and business software, along with business and communication solutions to maximize the Internet for e-Commerce and e-Business. To meet the fast- paced challenges of today's dynamic marketplace, Inforithm-Maze has assembled an innovative team of experienced professionals from several disciplines: graphic artists, designers, writers, programmers and computer system/network engineers.


Our philosophy is simple.

To give our clients a strong competitive edge using visually appealing, content rich, high quality, technology superior products and solutions.


Our commitment is to provide you with the most effective solutions that fulfills your requirement and achieves your aims and objectives.


Corporate Focus
Inforithm-Maze is focused specifically on two core areas:

. Internet Solutions such as web design, e-Commerce, Intranets, web site hosting, and web consulting;
. Multimedia Software Products for distribution on CD-ROMs.


PRESS RELEASE Yangon, Myanmar-May 2, 2001.

Myanmar Inforithm Ltd., a pioneer and leading producer of interactive software and Internet web sites, has reached a definitive agreement to merge with Maze Media Co., Ltd., a leading provider of e-Commerce solutions and services. The merger will result in combining the resources, customer base and product development expertise of both companies. This combination will allow the new company, Inforithm-Maze, to meet the growing needs of digital business, education, and media industries more effectively.


U Chit Tun Pe, CEO of Inforithm and Chairman of Inforithm-Maze, said, "This merger has been synergistic to our vision. Working within the Inforithm-Maze structure, we will be better positioned to maximize opportunities and build upon our years of experience in fulfilling consumer digital needs. The team we already have assembled, plus other key management personnel to be announced in the near future, we are well positioned to make Inforithm-Maze a leading force in the Internet and e-commerce portal community as well as key player in the software industry of Myanmar." U Chit Tun Pe further stated, "We are pleased to report that we remain on-track with Inforithm-Maze business model and we intend to continue to aggressively expand. Inforithm-Maze will debut offering a revolutionary e-commerce experience bringing complete turn-key Internet/Intranet solutions to businesses, along with products and information to businesses and individuals."


U Thaung Su Nyein, CEO of Maze Media and Inforithm-Maze, added, "These are exciting times for not only Inforithm-Maze but Myanmar's IT industry as a whole. Coinciding with the developments in our industry regarding software development and communications infrastructure, this merger has the potential to help promote Myanmar's IT industry to the world. Maze Media has focused on improving its e-commerce and web-based technology from the start. Adding Inforithm's multimedia prowess to the mix creates an exciting prospect to this new merger. We believe that Inforithm-Maze is uniquely positioned to service both local and foreign businesses on a global scale."



Inforithm-Maze, is a full service firm developing products and providing services to clients, as well as marketing its own products. The Company's activities are listed.


April 10 to 12, 2009
trip to chaung tha beach
@ Max Hotel, Chaung Tha.

December 27 2008
Inforithm-Maze Staff Party
Inforithm-Maze staff and management celebrated 2nd Annual Staff Party at M3 Food Center on 27th December 2008.

Inforithm-Maze Staff Party
@ M3 Food Centre, Yangon.

Inforithm-Maze's Kahtain
@ Thone Htat Kyaung, Bahan, Yangon.

22-4-2007 to 24--4-2007
Trip to Chaung Tha Beach
@ Max Hotel, Chaung Tha.


Formed Myanmar Inforithm Ltd. in 1997. Set up Maze Media Co., Ltd in 2000.

In 2001, Myanmar Infoirthm Ltd. and Maze Media merged to emerge IT and Media business.

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