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Formed Inforithm Co., Ltd in 1997.

Set up Maze Media Co., Ltd in 2000.


In 2001, Infoirthm Co., Ltd and Maze Media merged to emerge IT and Media business.

Profound developer of Maha Buddhawin Multi Media CD-Rom and Fascinating Myanmar CD-Rom, they are national projects.


Developed the only entertainment portal www.planet.com.mm started in 2000

Community web portal www.mysuboo.com launched in 2007 Aug

Constantly developing corporate and enterprise web sites for local and international businesses.


January 2002, a national project e-Visa begins to develop.

Leading software developer for e-Government projects.

In 2002, started the first online e-Learning system for Computer Science Department, Yangon University, Ministry of Education.



In 2000, the first and foremost IT Journal – Myanmar Electronic Journal is published biweekly. The name changed to Internet Journal later on, as weekly issue.


In 2001, the most popular news journal named 7Day News is published. It came to top circulation and highest news quality issue in Yangon.


In 2002, the monthly magazine – Myanmar People is being launched. From 2003 onward, it is circulated as the only high quality magazine, featuring Life Style, Fashion and Entertainment magazine for young and alike.


In 2007, new journal – 7Day Sports is published for all football fans.


April 10 to 12, 2009
trip to chaung tha beach
@ Max Hotel, Chaung Tha.

December 27 2008
Inforithm-Maze Staff Party
Inforithm-Maze staff and management celebrated 2nd Annual Staff Party at M3 Food Center on 27th December 2008.

Inforithm-Maze Staff Party
@ M3 Food Centre, Yangon.

Inforithm-Maze's Kahtain
@ Thone Htat Kyaung, Bahan, Yangon.

22-4-2007 to 24--4-2007
Trip to Chaung Tha Beach
@ Max Hotel, Chaung Tha.


Formed Myanmar Inforithm Ltd. in 1997. Set up Maze Media Co., Ltd in 2000.

In 2001, Myanmar Infoirthm Ltd. and Maze Media merged to emerge IT and Media business.

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